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The Game Components and Editions

The Game Components

The Yan-koloba kit contents:

a. Wooden blocks: Each player starts each round of the game with a nicely handcrafted wooden block.  The blocks constitute the main components of the game that will circulate among players.  The following words are engraved on five faces of each “deluxe” block:  DIVERSITY, FUN, RESPECT, TEAMWORK, TRUST.  The Yan-koloba tree logo is printed on the sixth face.


Player’s pads:  The pads play a triple role:

  • Whether the game is played on the floor or at desk, the pads direct players on where to accurately and consistently place their blocks in front of their neighbors.

  • When playing at desks or on hardwoods floors, the pads help reduce the noise level.

  • When playing at wooden or glass desks, on hardwoods floors, or on any surface that runs the risk of deterioration by the blocks, the pads help protect the surface.  
c. Instructional manual.  The manual provides written directions and instructions on how to facilitate the game from start to finish, as well as the graphic illustrations of the variations.

d. Instructional video (or DVD).  It provides a visual demonstration on how to facilitate the different variations of the game.

e. Audiotape (or CD): Yan-koloba is played to the beat of a musical song.  The song helps the entire team evolve in unison, at the same pace and rhythm.  The Yan-koloba audiotape contains the Yan-koloba song.  Play the Yan-koloba tape or sing another song of your choice to set and maintain the rhythm.

f. Sheet music of the Yan-koloba song:  The sheet music is handy in case you may find yourself in a place where there is no power to use a CD player, like at a picnic.  In this case, it is very convenient if you need to remind yourself the tune.

The Game Editions

Four editions of the Game as well as their corresponding deluxe editions are available:  The Corporate Edition Deluxe, School Edition, Family Edition and Star Edition.  

  • The Corporate Edition Deluxe is designed for college professors and corporate trainers to use as a tool for various teaching and training events, and for retreats. Buy Now!
  • The School Edition is designed for instruction, classroom management and youth clubs. Buy Now!
  • The Family Edition is designed for family entertainment and fun. Buy Now!
 Edition  Blocks (Wooden or Plastic)  Pads Book  Instructional
 Facilitator Guide  Audio
 24 1  1   1  1  1
Printed Wooden
 24    1  1 School  1  1
 24 Printed Wooden 0    1  1 School  1  1
Unprinted Wooden
0    1  1 School  1  1
Colorful Printed Plastic
0    1  1 School  1  1

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  1. The"Deluxe Editions" contain prime quality blocks with the following words imprinted on five faces of each block:  DIVERSITY, FUN, RESPECT, TEAMWORK, TRUST and the Yan-koloba tree logo on the sixth face.  The “Regular Editions” have the Yan-koloba tree logo on one phase of the blocks.

  2. While each edition comes with a specified number of blocks, an unlimited number of players can simultaneously participate in the activity provided that the facilitator acquires the appropriate number of additional blocks.
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